About the Chakras

Explanation of the 7 Chakras


Ancient Sanskrit knowledge tells us that energy moves in channels and centers in the body. These subtle wheels or centers of energy are called chakras. When a center is open, the energy that flows through that chakra allows needs to be met more effortlessly. If energy becomes blocked, then manifesting is more difficult to actualize. The ancient practice of connecting with your chakras leads to deep transformation and empowerment, providing optimal space for manifesting your dreams.

The Power of Color

In the 1970s, chakras and colors became associated. Christopher Hill wrote about rainbow-colored chakras in his book “Nuclear Evolution: Discovery of the Rainbow Body”, giving birth to the concept.

The rainbow encompasses every hue within the perceptible electromagnetic radiation spectrum, spanning from ultraviolet light to radio frequencies and even those employed by your microwave oven, unveiling a breathtaking amalgamation of colors. Hence creating a beautiful association the idea of energy centers with the energy of colors. However, when intuitively reading energy centers in the body, these specific colors are not present, other colors, symbols, pictures, words, thoughts and feeling will be present.

The ROOT CHAKRA is the area located at the base of your spine that holds your survival space and is the color red. This is the space of human basic needs, security (including money, shelter, safety), your family/tribe history, your place of community and earthiness. It is your place where you have roots or feel rooted, it is your place of religion and what that means to you. On days when you need to feel more grounded, centered and secure, you want to connect with this space.
How to Heal The Root Chakra: Put on your pair of Root Red Chakra Triangle Leggings. Walk barefoot on the grass, beach or earth. Visualize sitting on a tree stump with roots going down to the center of the earth to feel more grounded and connected to earth energy. 
The SACRAL CHAKRA is the area located below your naval and is the color orange. It is your source of emotions, fertility, creativity, and sexuality. It is the space of relationships one-on-one and with yourself. On days when you want to show your creativity, or are feeling particularly emotional, this is when you focus on this chakra center.
How to Heal The Sacral Chakra: Put on your pair of Sacral Orange Chakra Leggings. Do something artistic or creative; paint, draw, take photos, cook, whatever engages your imagination in a pleasurable way.       
The SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA is the area in your stomach that holds your Personal Power Space and is the color Yellow. This is the source of your energy, action, and self worth. On days when you need to feel extra energized, or are working on an important or difficult project or task at work, you want to focus on this space.
How to Heal The Solar Plexus ChakraPut on your pair of Gold Solar Plexus Chakra Leggings. Do core strengthening and breathing exercises (plank, crunches, pilates, yoga), meditation with self-empowering mantras,  or set the intention to create boundaries that reinforce your self worth with others.
The HEART CHAKRA is the area located in the center of your chest that holds your affinity towards self and others and is the color green. This is the space of love, compassion, empathy, kindness, peace and forgiveness. Focus on this Chakra center on days when you need to feel more peaceful and compassionate.
How to Heal The Heart Chakra: Put on your pair of Heart Green Chakra Mermaid Leggings.  Do a heart centered meditation practice, do heart opening yoga poses, start a gratitude journal or list, recite a forgiveness mantra.
The THROAT CHAKRA is the area located in your throat space and is the color bright blue. It holds the space of communication, truth, metaphorical thinking. On days when you need to express yourself or have a difficult conversation with someone, or days when you are in collaboration with someone and need to fully express yourself, your ideas and your truth.
How to Heal The Throat Chakra: Put on your pair of Throat Royal Blue Chakra Leggings. Exercise speaking your truth, listen attentively, be unapologetic, sing (in the shower), get your thoughts out on paper, have a tough conversation with your boss/co-worker or family member, chant mantras. 
The THIRD-EYE CHAKRA is the area located above and in-between your eyebrows and is the color indigo blue. This is the space of intuition, inner wisdom, psychic vision, imagination, dreams and manifesting.  On days when you need to make important decisions and plans, set goals, seeing things clearly, setting your manifestation desires. 
How to Heal the Third-Eye Chakra: Put on your pair of Third-Eye Chakra Midnight Blue Mermaid Leggings. Practice Meditation when you wake up or before bed, sit in quiet stillness from 5 to 20 minutes in front of water (fountain, stream or ocean), create a dream journal to connect with your subconscious. 
The CROWN CHAKRA is the area above your head that holds your Higher Self Space and is the color purple. This is the space of wisdom, higher self/purpose, big-picture thinking self-realization, enlightenment and universal oneness. Being fully present and joyful, finding your higher purpose, connecting with your spirituality, finding enlightenment.  On days when you want to feel fully present and joyful and thinking about your higher purpose is when you want to focus on this Chakra.
How to Heal The Crown Chakra: Put on your pair of Crown Purple Chakra Star Leggings. Follow your curiosity, keep learning about the world and yourself, travel and try new things, spend time in nature, take time for gratitude and prayer, and incorporate meditation as part of your daily life.